Those Things That Please Him

by the Rev. Dr. Kenneth C. Kemble of Capac Bible Church

“And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.”  John 8:29

These words were spoken by our Lord and Master — our foremost and primary example — the Lord Jesus Christ.  He said “. . . I do always — [meaning, only and without exception] — those things that please Him.”

This means that Jesus never did any of the things that would anger or displease the Father.  Never.  He only did those things that He knew would please the Father.  He was absolutely obedient.

As I read this in my morning Bible reading, it stirred my spirit so that my heart began to burn within me!  I found myself wanting that for my own life.  The desire to do only those things which please God began to flood my soul, and I cried out to the Lord for help in this.

Oh! that everyone who reads this would be filled with the same hungering, the same thirsting, the same overwhelming desire, that fills the writer’s soul at this very moment!

How often have we failed our blessed Lord!  How often have we brought shame and reproach upon the Saviour by our contemptuous actions!  How many have we turned away from our beloved King by our own ill behaviour in the company of those who knew that we profess Him!

Does it not compel the reader to seek — ever more diligently — to please Him?

The first part of this verse tells us of the happy state of being that belongs to the person who so lives his life.  When we seek — always and only — to please Him, He is with us.  We can bask in the warmth of His presence, and He will not leave us.  We have His assurance.  He is there and will not depart.  All of the benefits and blessings associated with His divine presence are ours to enjoy.  We will hear Him, see Him and know Him.

The person, however, who lives his life without consideration as to whether or not his actions are pleasing unto the Lord may not expect this blessed assurance, but may only expect that which may be expected of any disobedient and thoughtless child — displeasure and punishment.

Time is short, and we must not waste what time we have left in living for ourselves.  We must live for — live completely for — Him who died for us!  He must increase, we must decrease.

Dear reader, won’t you determine now, with me, that these words spoken by our Lord may also be spoken by our own lips, and that we will henceforth, to the best of our ability, do only those things, say only those things, think only those things and long for only those things which please God!  And that in so doing, our Lord and King may be lifted up and glorified among men, and that men may be brought to repentance.

Amen, Lord!  Help us to do just that!